Potion Frenzy-Color Sorting Game

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Are you ready for some magic spells? Potion Frenzy brings you one of the best water slide games there is in the market. One of the most intriguing sorting games for adults is here to make sure you don't get bored anywhere. You don't need to be a witch or wizard for this potion game! Potion Frenzy is more than just sorting colors - it's one of the most addictive potion games and mixing games there is on the market! The objective: match potions of the same colors together until there are no more left, scoring points as they go along. Mixing spells makes things even easier; just combine one color potion with another from your inventory when it becomes available (and keep an eye out for bonuses like boosts or bombs). Watch out, though, because once all 60 levels have been completed by matching up specimens correctly, players will be forced to start over again at level 1 with only 20 lives instead. If you like mixing potions, then Potion Frenzy is the game for you. Matching different colored potions together gives points, so try to mix as many of them as possible! There's no time limit or finishing point- just keep on matching until your potion runs out. Potion Frenzy Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game with intuitive color-matching gameplay. The goal of the game is to match potions of the same colors, but be careful not to mix up your partners as this can lead you to score penalty points! As more matches are made, players will increase their score by collecting ingredients that randomly fall from above. So if puzzles are your thing or even just an entertaining way to pass the time with friends, then don't wait any longer- get it today! You don't need to do much- just match them until you fall short. Connect three or more matching tiles by dragging one over another tile that is next to it. Matching 4 will give bonus time, and five will give an extra life, but if they are not matched quickly enough, then all of the levels will be cleared in seconds! Matching potions of the same color until you fall short, this game will have you craving for more in no time. Packed with hours of entertainment, all your potion mixing needs are met right here. This will be one of the best gaming experiences that we guarantee won't let you down.




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